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International Bicycle Rental Reviews

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International Bicycle Rental Reviews

My wife and I are active bicycle touring addicts and typically take 3-4 major journeys of 2-4 weeks duration every year. In the past we have rented bicycles at several international locations and very often are disappointed with the appropriateness, quality and/or condition of the "touring" bicycles we have been provided with. My last experience resulted in renting a bicycle that suffered 7 broken spokes over the course of 12 days touring. This French bike shop was actually listed through a large Amsterdam based bicycle rental website that offers rental booking at numerous bicycle shops worldwide, but they apparently do nothing to provide any level of quality assurance for the touring bicycles they are representing. And when I posted a negative review about my experience on the rental agency website, the review was deleted due to the objections of the French bicycle shop owner. Obviously this approach results in a list of only positive reviews and provides the prospective rental client with a very biased representation of the rental shop.

One possible solution to this issue would be to create an independent website where reviews of rental experiences could be posted without fear of deletion. Shop owners would be allowed to respond in defense of negative reviews, but the reviews would stand unless it could be proven they were falsely based. I would be interested in hearing from other bicycle touring folks on this subject.

Cheers, Peter

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Well if this can help your

Well if this can help your review, I was around Lisbon and did not find many bike rental shops. In Cascais (a touristic city on the seaside) they had only two shops and renting only the same random all-terrain bikes (this one if I remember right: In the smaller shop they also had one electric bike (but the guy was really nice though).
So no road or touring bikes for rental.

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Touring Capable Rental Bikes

Thanks for the response and perhaps we will get more reviews of other rental shops over time. If you have used a rental shop where the bicycles are truly ready for loaded touring, please let us know since there seems to be very few rental companies out there that cater to the international touring crowd. It would be great to create a list of those shops where reliable touring ready bicycles can be found. Some companies advertise rentals that are claimed to be "touring" capable but they cannot be relied upon to meet any minimum standards.

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