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2-way Feedback Wanted on Member Profiles

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2-way Feedback Wanted on Member Profiles

Hello Warm Showers staff,

Thanks for doing such a great job of connecting cyclists! The switch to 'Feedback' rather than just 'Recommendation' is a great idea. However, in the old system, it was very helpful to not only read the recommendations a person received, but the type of feedback they gave to others. Now it is not possible to see that information, and I'd never be able to guess who else they stayed with to see those comments. The reason it would be helpful is to provide insight into a cyclist's attitude, (besides their own profile which is always glowing), about how they might be as a guest or issues they may have had with other hosts.

Thanks for considering this request.

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It's definitely on the

It's definitely on the docket. As you know, we had this capability until just recently. This was requested by someone (you?) and the issue we're tracking it with is