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Tips to ride La Carreta Austral (Chile)

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Tips to ride La Carreta Austral (Chile)


I am planning on touring la Carreta Austral in Chile in November/December and have tons of questions. I am sure many warmshowers have done it so if you have please contact me :)

Questions are related to:
- type of bike to bring/rent
- how/where/how much to rent
- duration
- weather/condition
- latest state of pavement/what's left unpaved?
- How to go back to santiago from Villa O higgins (it seems quite complicated!!)

Also, because of work commitment, I may ride the North Section (Puerto Montt to Cohyaique) by myself... so if anyone would like to join for the adventure :) My friend will join for the South part for sure.


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Hi Anna

Hi Anna

I have rode this route in 2015.

1. Type of bikes.
You will benefit a lot with a fat bike. Carretera Austral has a lot of very nasty ripio(gravel). some section are paved, please refer to my blog for detailed description of paved road.
2. rent? do you mean accommodation? there are a lot of camping site along Carreteral Austral, in villages there are hostel,
3. Duration, you will need about 2-4 weeks depend on your route and if you take de tour.
4. weather, its rainy but not too much, I've spent 10 days in Carreteral Austral and it drizzled occasionally on 2 days, that was April.
5. Please check my website for detailed map of this, generally around Coyhaique are paved and north of Coyhaique are mostly paved.
below is the link to my map

6. Normally people would travel onwards from Villa O'Higgins to El Chalten, and then El Calafate, then catch a plane to Buenos Aires then Santiago, if Santiago is your destination, the cyclists I have met all went down to Torres del Paine and then Puerto Natales then Punta Arenas, the road is nice and paved all the way from El Chalten to El Calafate, then from Torres del Paine village to Punta Arenas. The scenery around El Chalten especially the Fitz Roy is really something worthy of cycling by. also Torres del Paine is a must visit if you love nature. dont go there in Summer, too crowded. its like visiting Great Wall in Beijing.

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