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General Discussion : my Mistake ...!

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General Discussion : my Mistake ...!

For quite some time, i have been critical of Posts to this section of the WS website that did NOT relate to WS matters.

I now realise that my mistake is to think that " General Discussion" was meant to be for "general discussion about WS matters".

I now know that " General Discussion" can be about .... *anything* at all ...! It doesn't have to be of interest to the general WS community ...

I will no longer be critical of ANYTHING posted here.

FWIW : we have been WS for >20 years, and I would prefer a WS that concentrates its energy ( and web space) on its own special purpose - facilitating reciprocal hospitality for travellers by bike .... rather than being a competitor to eg " Crazy guy" .

But that is not a majority position.

I aploogise for my previous criticisms.