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Join the Bicycle Ride through Sri Lanka

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Join the Bicycle Ride through Sri Lanka

Good morning, dear cyclist!

I am not sure, if I am allowed to post this advertisement for a special bike trip here- and hope I dont get a cold shower :D,
I would like to make a suggestion to you!

A bicycle trip through Sri Lanka, from Coast to Coast, -6-18 of January 2018!
An inspiring trip, especially for people who don't want to cycle alone, but might enjoy a group experience, with a planned tour, and with an incredible guide. Dave Trattles has been working as a social documentary photographer and tour guide for over 20 years and has cycled all over the world.

You can check his trip out on:

If you know people, your parents/ friends/etc. who would be interested to join on this tour, it would be awesome, if you could share this link with them, because he is still looking for people! I know David very well, he is a very enthusiastic honest person, who will give a great inspiration for life.

Thank you so much!