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How to carry temperature sensitive medication on my tour

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How to carry temperature sensitive medication on my tour

pHello all -- I am planning to take a self contained tour for 3 weeks.  I will have to carry temperature sensitive medications in glass vials with me -- I will be doing weekly infusions.  I have purchased a FRIO pack and just want to know if anyone has used them or how they work in panniers??  If you have any suggestions for how to accomplish this important packing problem -- I would be most grateful.  thanks

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Hi Jan! I'm a type 1 diabetic

Hi Jan! I'm a type 1 diabetic and had to carry vials of insulin with me on my TransAm trip this summer. I did have the FRIO but got lazy about activating it. Though during hot weather, I would make sure to have it activated. What I ended up doing was keeping my insulin in my food bag which was insulated. Every night (if I could) I would freeze a water bottle and put it ontop of the insulin in the morning... then drink the water towards the end of the day. If I was somewhere where I couldn't freeze it, I would fill it up with ice cubes at a gas station. I hope this helps!

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Keeping mess cold.

Hi! I need to keep meds cold and tour 8 weeks every summer. My meds are NOT insulin. My pharmacy told me the FRIO would not be coLd enough for my meds, that need to be kept colder than insulin. I use a lightweight , HydroFlask, that i believe is made by Kleen Kanteen. I get it cold, then put in meds (self injectors - need 1/week) I can fit 4 in with ice. It needs less ice replacement when I get to 3 then 2. I have the 2nd month sent to a CVS for pick up as needed. 


This has worked pretty well for me. If the weather is hot, I refill ice As needed - usually twice a day. If cooler, I can go all day. If we stay somewhere with a fridge, I put them there at night..


I have been doing this for years. Let me know if you have questions.


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One more thing.

The canteen will protect from breakage. Enjoy your tour!

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My immuno-suppressant drugs

My immuno-suppressant drugs are "body temp" sensitive, i.e they melt around 95* so I do not have the exact same situation as you. However, one way to help keep them insulated is to put them in the middle of your stuffed sleeping bag (assuming you bring a sleeping bag). In 11 years of doing this, I have not melted any pills yet even when the temps exceeded 100* (so the road was probably hotter).

Best to you and keep touring! John

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Temperature sensitive medication

My supplier provides a zip-up bag containing 2 slim freezer inserts that slide  into each side of the bag. It is designed for 4 needles but I've managed to fit 8 in,  which allows me to tour for 2 months.  I've done this 3 times over the last few years and it has worked well. It does mean you can't wild camp because you have to freeze the inserts every night and refrigerate the medicine. 

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FRIO works really well for me

Hi Jan, 

I've been using the Frio pack for a few years now and it works really well for me. You cannot put the Frio pack inside your (probably waterproof) panniers as the pack needs to "breathe". The evaporating of the moisture from the pack is what keeps it cooling. Frio does not cool to refrigerator temperature, but for my medication it is enough, and as for mine it is important that temperature doesn't vary to much I don't put it in a refrigerator overnight even when that would be possible. The pack gives me great freedom to cycle for weeks on end.

I wrap up my medication individually in small plastic bags and put those in the Frio pack. This way, when I water the pack every other day or so, the medication doesn't get wet.
The Frio pack comes with a outer pouch made of breathable fabric. I've made a opening on each of the ends of this pouch and lead a velcro strap through that. With the velcro I attach it on the outside of my luggage. (I put a elastic net over the bag on the carrier to be able to tuck some things away and find that this net provides extra security for the Frio pack. I really don't want to lose it.)

If you want I can send you a photo of it. 

Good luck!

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