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New Message alert -> member's Profile

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New Message alert -> member's Profile

I had a message in my ordinary email to say i had a message from a I read the message ( a reply to one I sent) in my ordinary email ( ?client ?) ... later, at WS site, I find an alert re that message ... I click to follow to read the message ... but am directed to the members own profile page. Summary : I don't seem to be able to access the incoming message

FWIW : The screen I am using for *this* message to WS, displays an "Image" Button ( to upload an Image with the Message), but I am pretty sure this Button was NOT available when making a previous post ...

[Klutz alert]

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Could you provide a

Could you provide a screenshot of the message that confused you?

The regular message says very clearly "to follow up and respond to XXX, please click this link". And the link is repeated several places in the message.

However, we do provide a link to the person sending the message, so you can look them up directly.

Note that you can always view your messages by just logging into your account. When you have new messages you get a message to that effect when you log in.


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