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From Belgium to Rome

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From Belgium to Rome

Hey there, so maybe a bit on the late side since I've already started. However i would l like to see if the forums are a good way to talk about my trip and maybe meet up. So if anyone is on the way in a similar direction or hosting on said route feel free to make contact (though my internet is entirely dependant on hosts) . Also if anyone has any advice on paths to take. My route is quite loose, today (as i write this) in Givet, tomorrow charleville. After that I'll go direction Strasbourg then follow the river to Bern, from that point on i have no real direction.

My greetings to all you fellow travellers and hosts. 

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So now in Strasbourg, i will likely make a small detour to get to a pass in the alps that should be open pretty much the whole year. 

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Hi Pieter! Where do u plan to cross the alps?

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