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Return on experience

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Return on experience

Hi people, 

I am gonna go on a trip myself soon and wanted to hear a bit from your return on experience. I would be going from Vienna to France via the Eurovelo route 6. How did you manage your luggage? Did you book all accomodations ahead? Did you camp or slept in hotels? In general, what problem in terms of logistics you got that I should be aware of to solve for myself. ;) 


Thanks ahead for your help!

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We cycled the Eurovelo 6 from

We cycled the Eurovelo 6 from Donaueschingen, Germany to Tulcea, Romania in 2015.

There are many accommodation options on the section from Vienna to Donaueschingen and we did not book anything in advance except for a warm showers request in Donaueschingen at the start of the trip. We also had the Bikeline guides from Verlag Esterbauer (available in English and German). They gave us an idea of where accommodations could be found for planning purposes. For the most part we camped but stayed in a few guesthouses as well. The best campgrounds in Germany were at the Kanuklubs along the rivers. Very reasonable priced and devoid of behemoth RVs (Caravans) and crowds.

Luggage was simply handled in what I would consider the standard way. Waterproof panniers front and back (Vaude and Ortlieb) with tent and some other gear strapped on top of the rack as well. Important things like passports, camera and personal items in a handlebar bag. We tend to way overpack, so you may be able to get away without camping and cooking gear if you're staying in guesthouses and eating in restaurants.

This is a very well travelled route and you'll be going through many villages and towns along the way. In Germany they even had the occasional bicycle tube vending machine along the very well signposted path/route.


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