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Thickest Bar Tape - FatWrap

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Thickest Bar Tape - FatWrap

Hi All, 

My partner Kent has developed a new bar tape for comfort, durability and grip. He had this idea after our Vancouver to Mexico tour back in 2015. The product is called FatWrap, and it's the best tape I've ever had.

I've had all kinds of tapes on my bars over the years, and some were not squishy enough, others slippery when wet, others just didn't hold up the test of time. While I have found that FatWrap has been killing it on my bike for the last year. I am a commuter while at home I ride about 140km/week and when on tour we do ~80-100km/day. This stuff just lasts, and keeps going. It's re-wrappable too. 

Check out this website: 

And if you like check out my profile Dasha Maslennikova or send me a message if you have any questions.




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