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Response rates from hosts in France and Italy.

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Response rates from hosts in France and Italy.

We have recently set off on a cycle tour from England to China. We live near Hadrian's s Wall in Cumbria and we're heading for the great Wall of China  - The wall to wall...

Cycling down through France we were very disappointed to get  very few responses to our warmshowers requests. On a previous trip through Germany most hosts responded and we met some fantastic people.

Was it because I was using the app and the messages weren't getting through, was it something I said or maybe the areas we were going through. I'd be very interested to hear other peoples experiences. 

Incidentally, if anyone is out there going  in a similar direction or just wants to get in touch we'd love to hear from you.

Happy travels, Peter and Christine 

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This is disappointing

It is a disappointment when potential hosts do not respond.  Unfortunately, the community is full of non-responsive or low-responsive hosts.  That's why it is best to use WS as 1 option in accomodation, but not to rely soley on it.  I am wondering what the response rate was for those you contacted.  If the rate was low, then no response can be expected.

When you do get a host who confirms, you might ask them if they know which hosts (where you are heading) might be most available to help you, based on their past guests.  I have a large list of viable contacts for my guests, depending on the direction they are traveling.

Best wishes on your journey!

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Hi guys, I think there is a

Hi guys, I think there is a problem with getting an automatic message alert to your phone or email.  I've noticed quite a few requests that I didn't get notification for and so I now regularly open up my warm showers site to check.  Hope its all going well.

Laurence & Rose

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