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Self guided Belgium cycling

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Self guided Belgium cycling

I am trying to plan a bike tour in Belgium with my husband in August.  We will stay in the major towns and want to use the Cycle Nodes to help us find our way on day trips.  I have printed off trip suggestions but I am a bit confused when Node 30 is the starting point  for a trip that says it is starting in Ypres but also Node 30 is the starting point for a trip that says its starting  in Ostend/Oudenburg. On a map these don't seem that close but maybe it is suggesting a 40km ride from Ypres and then a ride near the sea & return to Ypres. Any help from locals would be appreciated. Thanks Robyn

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I assume you’re talking about these “cycle nodes”:, right? However, I don’t see a node with number 30 near Ypres. It is true that the numbers are not unique, they same numbers appear in different regions.

Anyway, definitely take your time to wander around in the beautiful streets of Ypres. And don’t forget to attend the Last Post, every night at 8 o’clock:

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