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Tour Divide. CDT. AZT. and more!

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Tour Divide. CDT. AZT. and more!

Okay, a few years ago, I made one of these posts and ended up meet a friend whom changed my life. We rode from Antelope Wells, NM to Banff together and during those miles I learned so much about myself. He was a young man just about to enter dental school, and somehow I decided that's what I wanted to do. Now I'm set to take the DAT summer 2019, and looking for a last summer-long shebang! I've set out to complete 8 races in my 28th year of life. This is my tentative plan:

1. Smoke-n-Fire [done]               2. Whiskey Row (running marathon) May 4               3. AZT 750 May 7               4. Tour Divide June 8               5. CDT July 29               6. TNGa August 18               7. Undecided yet.               8. Smoke-n-Fire Sept 16th ish

I'm just throwing it out there for companions. I'm shooting for grand depart for most all the races, except the AZT. I'm certainly not the fastest, but I have a whole lot of stamina. So, shoot me a message if you're looking for an epic summer of bikepacking madness.

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