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Touring East Africa and possibly further

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Touring East Africa and possibly further

Hello everyone,

starting around June 2018 I am looking for a travelmate to cycle in East Africa (Tanzania, Kenia, Uganda) and possibly further. There is no particular timeframe or route, but we can create this if you wish!

It is most important to me to be as independent as possible while travelling! That means I love to camp wild in the nature or anywhere it is possible. But also I love to stay at local people houses in villages or with warmshowers/couchsurfing hosts. Also I try to eat the local food, but as much as possible the vegetarian, non spicy option of that. ;-)

I have travelled for a long time that way and I dont mind using hands and feet to communicate with people.

Furthermore I am opened to different kind of roads, so unsealed roads are fine for me and my mountainbike. 

If this all inspires you contact me and we can discuss further!




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