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Hybrid vs. Road Bikes

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Hybrid vs. Road Bikes

Hello everyone!


My friend and I are doing a bike trip from Chicago to Boston this summer, this will be our first trip ever and I had a few questions about the bike I have. I currently own a Hybrid bike I just purchased last summer, and I was curious if this would be an okay bike to use or if I would be better off buying a road bike. The trip is around 1,400 miles. Any advice would be great!

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re: Hybrid vs. Road Bikes

I am not going to recommend any particular bike for you.  

The most important consideration -- does it fit you?  You will be spending up to 10 hours/day, several days in a row, on the thing.  Is that a comfortable experience?  

If your 'hybrid' fits, and can take fenders & racks, ride it.  It's your butt.  (Changing gear ratios is a straightforward prospect these days.  I agree with the fellow who said, "when pedalling across the country you cannot have a low gear that's too low.")  

tailwinds, Gerhardt 

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