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Small Cookstoves

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Small Cookstoves

We have a small WhisperLite stove that we've had for over 20years and now the top part needs to be replaced.  Well, we're not sure if we should bother or just get something new.  Any lightweight stove recommendations?  We like the fact that this is ecological...It uses either Coleman fuel, gasoline...Or something else... I've  forgotten....Anyway, would like some recommendations.  Thanks! 

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What do you mean, "The top

What do you mean, "The top part needs to be replaced"? MSR’s Whisperlite Expedition Field Service Kit (but not the smaller "Annual Maintenance Kit") has replacement parts for quite a few parts of the stove. You might want to see if you can just replace whatever’s broken instead of getting a whole new stove.

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the lightest?

We used a small alcohol stove made out of aluminum cans by TinMan, now AntiGravityGear, while backpacking, and depending on what you cook, it was really good, very light and small and clean. There are lots of brands and types of alcohol stoves for sale, or DIY, and they are cheaper than gas stoves. No simmer, and burn time is limited by the amount of fuel you can put in the stove. So to make two cups of rice, we boiled the water, added the rice, and boiled it for the couple of minutes left of fuel. Then popped the pot into a cozy,  made from silver bubble insulatation, and waited 20 minutes. The rice was cooked well, and second servings stayed hot in the cozy. Fuel is available most of the same places you can get gasoline or coleman fuel. (hardware stores and gas stations). Like everything, you have to be careful to not set yourself or the woods on fire. 

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If touring inside the US or

If touring inside the US or someplace where canisters are available, canister stoves are a good choice. Cleaner than a gas stove.  If touring where no canister stoves are sold, I like the dragonfly, because it can simmer so well.  Do you know how to cook on a fire?  A box of matches is the lightest stove you can get.

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We love our MSR reactor

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Thanks everyone for all your

Thanks everyone for all your comments.  We did end up replacing the part on our Whisperlite stove that was broken...The part cost $30 and it would have cost more to buy a whole new stove so we are happy.  We have probably had our Whisperlite for close to 20 years and have been quite happy with it so decided to stick with it.  Oh BTW, I think? the third fuel that can also work with the Whisperlite is kerosene. Happy Trails! 

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WhisperLite INTERNATIONAL all the way!

I love my Whisperlite International. I've used it across countries and continents, in places where the only kind of fuel available for sale is gasoline/petrol from the pump! Protip, use the premium option when you're in this situation--it burns the cleanest and has the least amount of additives--yucko. The International is a multi-fuel stove and totally packs up very small. 10/10 I do recommend this stove.

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Yeah.... We are liking ours too and it was worth the $30 to fix it. Thanks again.

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