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Spare parts and second item or pre-loved

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Spare parts and second item or pre-loved

I would love the idea of crowdfunding or to fundraise my expedition but that would be best for amateur. Why am i here? I used to believe in WS but the faith in WS is now waning. Its not what its used to be and thats good. I am not good in pitching a sales talk. My point is, if you have items, accesory, spare parts, second item or preloved, please if you could give me? i would rather die. no like seriously, i have issues. and WS FB is much more active. Yeah, i am griping and ranting here. I dont know. what is the point? probably i would have to shut down my WS profile. Then the sharks would start to attack me. The one with the self-righteous belief. i dont care. hey, can i ask for money here to? How do i receive it? i need the money for bicycle related items. give me a loan and i will be back to you in 6 months. probably this forum would be banned or deleted. just like my FB post. why others can do it and i cant? thats odd you. everyone else is on tour and here i am in the backgroud. i want to be a write but i am dirt poor. i live in an orphanage and now i have issues with cyclist. i cycle because i dont know. i started off more damage now then i used to be 3 years ago. please help me. no i am not using self pity or sympathy. by the time you read this,i would be probably be somewhere better. haha, oh god

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John, while I can appreciate

John, while I can appreciate the desire to tour, not "everyone else is on tour".  I would say the vast majority are not on tour right now.  Also, you do not indicate why you are becoming disillusioned with WS.  Is it because you had a bad guest/host? Is it because there are no hosts where you want to ride? What?

I also find it interesting that you put down WS but then use WS to ask for money/items.  Finally, it is unlikely you will get much of a positive response since 1) you alienate the people who like WS, thereby reducing your potential "donation pool"; 2) ask for "bicycle related items" but do not mention what there; 3) the cost to ship something to you may very cost more than the item is worth; and 4) you do not show how people can give you money without some effort on the giver's part (giving to a crowdfund is a lot easier than giving one-time to a person who has not provided any method to give them the money). 

I wish you the best in your recovery and hope you become a successful writer (at least I think that is what you say you want to do).

Best, John

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Well, we got the same first name. So John is good for a start. Point by point, i want to break this down in details. I will never ever be able to tour in this life. Not ever. Family commitment? Are you abandoning this family? Work commitment? Employers would not give room, you want to go cycling? Please resign permanently.

I like where i am. The ability to host and assist. This issues stem from the larger portion of WS politics and its frustrating to me. I am disillusioned because what i expect is not the same in reality. Its like the 5 powerful person in WS is vetoing everything. You cant do this. You cant do that. You cant share this. You cant share that. I still believe in WS but no one in WS ever believed in me. Trust me, this is a collective issue John. You'll never understand me. I am a bad host, maybe. No one ever seem to say anything. No news. No nothing.

I appreciate the feedback. But everyone seems to come and go. Maybe i am envious? You know, i am stuck here since 2010 and i cannot go anywhere. have you read my profile? I am stuck in an orphanage. Yes, i work there. but its constricting one self to be his potential. I have no problem to be a guest. I dont want to be bothering anyone. I only contact host only if emergency. I do not wish to bother anyone in my journey.

I feel insulted because on WS everyone seems to say "give me money" "support this" "support that" "donate please" but when i do the same, its forbidden. I put down WS not because of the system but the inner politics. They keep saying run by a board of volunteer but these volunteer are going to Las Vegas bike expo. I understand that volunteer need allowance especially if programmer to code the WS website.

I dont have a bicycle right now and i cannot afford RM250. I am broke with only RM35 for this week. I do not ask for your sympathy or pity me. Read my letter in logic. I am not angry, just disappointed. Dont judge me. Its not an easy life for me. You been to prison? You dont want to know what its like in Southeast Asian prison. I do not alienate anyone who send me a request. In fact, i offer for free. Read my damn profile. I cant donate because my credit rating. Would you hire an ex-convict?

If i am specific, i would ask for Ortlieb, Surly etc. The reason why i am not specific it is because i want people to give whatever item they dont need probably getting dusty somewhere. I do not ask for shipping. If its my way, just drop by and say hi and have tea. I dont ask for the moon. I have tried crowdfunding and none seem to work. I tried to crowdfun for my novel but i dont even get nothing at all but some other guy did. What is wrong with me? Do you think i never tried crowdsourcing? I look liked a scammer or a fraud if i tried it online or on WS. How in the world people can get money and i dont? I work double the amount and effort of everyone in town (12 hour work days) and i barely get time for myself. Everyone seem to read the surface level and it gets difficult sometimes on this lonely stretch of road. I will keep up my WS hosting for anyone coming this way as long as i can. If i dont response, maybe i give up on WS or if i am dead.

I apologise if i offended you. I thank you for your time to read this. I appreciate your feedback to my initial post. I thank you for your constructive criticism. Its not your fault. I forgive you. I wish you to live well and prosper. I am terribly sorry that it has to be this way.




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Your rambling

John, Pleae note that I was not judging you other than finding it odd that you would put down the very group you are asking help from.  The old saying Easier to get flies with honey than vinegar comes to mind.  As far as everything else you said, I firmly believe that if you think you can or you think you can't, you are right.  Granted some people may have an much harder time than others but perseverance EVENTUALLY pays off almost always.  If what you are doing doesn't work, try something different. I know it sounds cliche but again, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

I wish you the best, John

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No use in dragging this

What are you trying to say, is that i should delete my post and gripe  somewhere? Is that the point? No, i do not have issue with the community. I have issue with people running this thing. This group is healthy but some people are toxic. Its like, if i can do it, the no one else should do it like i did. I am not as clever or smart as you. You are far more wisdom  and experience than i do. I can and i will, even if i will die pursuing my dream. you dont get it do you? 7 years is a long way from home my friend. how long must i be resilient? of course it dont work. i am practically begging on my knee right now. i have used crowdfunding and crowdsourcing and fundraising. you are trying to say i dont deserve this? i am not angry at YOU. i have already given up. you dont know what its like. based on your profile, you are from the US and i guessed you are set for life. i dont know man. me? i dont know. i give up. you win. i might as well rob a bank then, or continue my rant. i give up on this. is it envy? jealousy? because i saw people fundraise and crowdfund and they get things going their way. me? i am dragging a fridge against a current going up hill. thanks John. i thought we could be on this together but it seem, it speaks the truth. online WS are much more difficult than real life WS. i will hold on as long as possible.

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You seriousily need to relax.  Re-read my comment.  I said it was ODD (strange, unusal, etc.), nothing else.  I offered some suggestions how to possibly get more funds/donations (be nice, don't berate people/orgainizations, keep perservering, try new methods).  NONE of that is negative, just trying to be helpful.  If you took it differently, I am sorry but I did not attack you.  I can't help you with your view of WS as I think of it quite differently.  I wish you the best, John

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Whats the point?

So, what are you trying to say? your underlying message. I see that you are 9 years on WS. i respect that. but the problem with seniority is it gets into your (not literally your head) head. i give up on WS politics. its too toxic. Now i just on WS to host cyclist coming to my direction. I give up. whats the point to have the volunteer board and now they are heading to Las Vegas bike expo. What are we actually? I have warned about a year ago that WS is heading corporate. even the WS code is now not available publicly. some posting on forum are deleted. I have talked privately with some member, for example, notifications are available on their email but when they follow that link, it is not there.

First, this was not directed to you personally. It is just snowballed from multiple, minor disagreement with other member. The best debate i have was, WS is established in the US, of course US gets priority. i agree that positions require merit and criteria to be meet but it seems WS is ignoring other region. Its all fun and game for everyone.

Look, ignore the above paragraph. Back to my intial post on this thread. I setup this thread to request, inquire, ask, query for any thing that is related to bicycle. I do not have a bike right now. Mine was broken and nothing i can do to fix it. If money, i do not know how to receive them. I need a wish list and i do not have a pannier. My wish list is rather basic. Yes, i agree on what you said that my question add more problem than it could solve.

Second, i am disgruntled because people say, hey you should fundraise or crowdsource/fund. I did. and i waited 6 months on Kickstarter, Indiegogo (basically, i google list of crowdfunding site) and up to 14 April 2018, no response. but when others do it on WS, off they go scotfree whistling to the tune of Camptown Races. Like i said in my previous post, If i can do, then no one else should, could, would do like i did. Its like they are closing the path for other cyclist. I give up. I will just host. And WS keep asking for donation and i cant? what is it? i contact the sponsors and they say, sorry bud, no can do.

What did i do wrong? my grievance for now is, i dont have a bike. i cant afford it. work? I am working late and odd jobs. ever wonder why i response to you at dawn (its afternoon for you) i am +8UTC.

I offer you my unreserved apology. My writing has no structure and it is all over the place. I need a bike. I need donation. I need stuff that people no longer need. Shipping? i will pay for it. i dont have a bicycle, and the worse part? I am living in an orphanage and risk being expelled because the director hints that he want to kick me out to make room for other orphans

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I think crowsource/fund can be effective, but it depends on your social support base.  I had a cyclist from Canada pass through here a couple of years ago and hosted him for a couple nights.  He was very social and clicked with several of my friends.  

He started in Alaska and was heading to Central America.  He was a bar tender back home and had a lot of friends.  When he reached Panama, he opened a funding page and asked friends on Facebook if they would support him.  I think he took in about $3000 dollars in just 2 days.  His response was incredible, but then he was very social (back home as well as on the road).  So it is possible for crowdsource/fund to work, but it depends on you and your marketing strategies.

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In short, a person(s) need to be popular and a legendary tales surrounding his persona? Both of which i lacked of. Its like people are no longer impressed when being mentioned that person(s) has climbed Mt. Everest. People are more likely to be amazed in wonderment if someone rowed across the 7 seas, climbed all 7 deadly mountains, dived the depth of the abysss or any other impossible tales. I know. I had worked in support industry and i have heard of regale tales of people doing amazing, incredulous achievement. Wont it be epic for me to start of on a journey only to die a few weeks later? All of this is irrelevant. We are way off course from the original post.

My debate is, i have tried crowdsource/funds. Dont work. I asked on FB, i got banned. WS isnt helping me at all and its toxic environment. Great society of mutual assistance but the online presence is tyring to supress dissent. I dont see if you are helpful or if that i am too thick to comprehend your message. I am not social and likeable. Always has been. I would never dreamt of $3000 in my lifetime. You are trying to help by suffocating me. Marketing strategies? What are we now? An advertising firm?

Might as well to be involved in illicit drug trade since i  am already in Southeast Asia. What is your proposal? Help me then. This table tennis between you and me goes nowhere. If you have stuff that could  help me, assist me, aid me. I gave up on crowdfunding. Waited 6 months. Nothing. And i still have no bicycle. And probably having to move out from here. Rent is due 1600MYR, quite cheap yes? When you realised that Malaysian minimum wage is MYR1000. Now enjoy that bicycle of yours and feel good in the US. 

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