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Personalized Thank You Card to Tour Hosts

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Personalized Thank You Card to Tour Hosts

Do you sometimes wonder what to use as a 'thank you' note to hosts who are so kind along the track of your bicycle tours?  Not as creative as most of the female gender, I rely each tour on a 'thank you' postcard of refrigerator quality.  The front side displays a general map of my route.  On the rear of the post card is my contact information, a space for a brief personal written message, and room for a stamp and an address if it is to be mailed.  ...Another function of this card is the use of the printed map as a quick explanation to ease the concerns of a customs agent or policeman who has not encountered a bicycle tourist in the past. Some like them so much they ask if they can keep them.  I also sparingly give some out at lectures to impress the little old ladies.  ...If I've tickled your interest button, I design my postcards online with Vistaprint.  Most of you are potentially much more artistic and could really create a work of art.   I pay for premium everything which runs about $33 delivered for a box of 100.  I find it well worth the time and effort.

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Great Idea!

Great idea!  Way back in 1982, I did a perimeter tour of the USA and I did something similar but for a slightly different reason.  Back then, there were no cell phones and long distance phone calls were expensive so people used post cards much more.  As I was of college age, my parents were especally concernered with my well being.  In order to go, I HAD to call home every other night, and send a post card every day (or at least write one).

Since I knew from other touring experience that I could not always find a post card, I decided to make my own.  I copied the ACA/Bikecentennail Map and erased the routes I was not taking.  Luckily back then there were not nearly as many routes.  I copied that image onto a plain paper (not glossy) postcard paper stock and printed about 250 or so.  They were in black and white.  I even bought a roll of 500 postacard postage stamps (yes, one roll but several rolls would have been much better).

The neat thing was I could mark on the map where I was so parents (and other people I sent to when no "pretty" postcards were available) could see my route and progress.  I have always wished ACA would sell similar postcards for each route as they really are a way to show people your route.

Great idea and one I may do for my next major tour.

Best, John

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Pre-Warmshowers, I always

Pre-Warmshowers, I always sent my hosts a thank you post card from Boston when I reached the end of my cross country journeys.  30-ish years later, I fly out to see some of the families on a yearly basis.

As a WS host, it is always extra special to get a postcard, thank you card, or trinket from a guest.  This can become the foundation of a lifelong friendship.

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