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Riding from Spain to India

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Riding from Spain to India

Hello friends ! I am doing a project called GrinPaz (green path) to support the clean transport that links the East with the West, it is about going India by bike and do interviews to the people in the way, asking them about the climate change, if it is affecting them and how, what are they doing to promote the sustainable mobility, etc.

I am starting 21 of April from Madrid, I want go by germany, Rumanía, cross black sea by boat, arriving Georgia, Azerbayan, Irán and finally, taking a boat from there to India.
The path is wise and is open to changes.

If some one wanna join me in this mission, can read the project in

And please let me know ! 

Also hospitality during the path is very usefull and welcome !! 

Thank you so much

Nataraj Noche Entonada // Luis Carmona Horta


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