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Kazakstan-Kyrgystan-Xinjang (western China)- Mongolia

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Kazakstan-Kyrgystan-Xinjang (western China)- Mongolia


I am a female traveler from Canada (quebec) in my early 20s looking for a cyclotouring buddy for a trip in Central Asia. I am studying philosophy and anthropology at McGill university, have traveled independently since i'm 18 years old, and love to be outdoors.

I am intending to travel from may- to the end of august. I have been pretty sedentary during winter, but I trust that I will get back in shape quickly. I am not 'goal'oriented when I cycle-tour, but rather try to appreciate the beauty that comes our way, and to be as open as possible!I like to stop sometimes and spend a day or two hiking in the mountains when an opportunity comes by! I travel on low-buget, and eat vegetarian food. (although might be difficult in central asia).

The ideal cycle-buddy would share a similar vision about cyclotouring. I am looking for someone who is not in a rush, open to cultures and peoples, minimalist, flexible, and willing to wild camp all the time.

I don't have a fixed route/plan for the moment, and happy to plan it with you!

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" vegetarian food

" vegetarian food (although might be difficult in central asia)"

I am generally vegan, but I simply change my diet in Central Asia. There are very few vegetarian options in rural areas, everything is made with meat. But also, offering you food is a strong part of hospitality in the region, and by refusing to eat their food you can seriously offend your hosts. They simply won’t understand vegetarianism as a choice. I would argue that to be a culturally sensitive cyclist in the region, you will have to eat meet at least occasionally.

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Hi Christopher,  I am

Hi Christopher,  I am absolutely aware of what you are pointing out, but thank you for spelling it. I do adapt my diet and I am grateful for any hospitality on the road. Nevertheless, since most meals are on my own, I do eat vegetarian for the rest of the time. I hope to find a cycling partner who has the same vision and flexibility.

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Hello Chloe, ca va?

Hello Chloe, ca va?

Can we open communications?

I was not actually looking to go, but it may be that something like this is just what I need; 

..I aimed to go here at some point, and did envisage going back to Ukraine this year at least.

So tbh May is too soon for me given what I need prepare, but on other hand, ....well - hence full circle to beginning, let's talk etc. 


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Hi chloe great route I'm also relax not rush and mainly not eat meat ,we are planning this route starting in Vienna with another warmshowers friend but we are starting 8October .Good luck let us know if everything change wr have plan route and equipment ready. 

Regards Andres and alejandra 

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can i join you for your trip in mongolia

Hello, hello Chloé, 

I'm keen to join you for your trip in mongolia!

I'm Jennifer or Jenny a french girl, 32 ys. In april, I finished to cross all the New zealand with my feet!!! yeah yeah, i did it!!! 3000km, 5months and such nices views and moments ;) On my way, I meet some cycle-traveler that they was really happy to travel  on bike...

After some few months of frustration to don't move... i deicded to to enjoy this other slow travel and to discover the mongolia with my bike. so it will be my frst cycle touring.  im really excited about this porject!! With my expereience during the 5 months of hiking, I understand that I love the chanllenge (the mountain part aremy favorite play ground: hard but such nice gift at the end of the up). I love feel me in the middle of the landscape all the day. I love enjoy the moment, the nature, share some tea with the local people. But I'm scarried to do this really alone (I heard some stories about the drunk in mongolia... :() 

so if you are not afraid by a novice on the bicycle tourring, and want to enjoy the landscape with me, let me know!

I will arrive end jully in mongolia and think stay until mid spetember. i have now plan i just want to do a long distance with my bike and of course i bring my hiking gear!!!!

cheers enjoy your way hope to meet you!



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Great news

HI wow soo admirable your hiking experience amazing , we are definetaly happy if we can meet an ride along .i also have mix reviews about the route but we atill going ahead .We are tryig to follow a friend route but we have not recived her masp yet so as soon as our time will com we will contact you and we will happy because we are still learning about ong distance and we do not have so much experience .

Thank you for your interest and message and hope to meet you too.



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thanks for the respond! it will be a pleasure to ride with you when do you think reach the mongolia?

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