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New Zealand North Island - Winter Trips

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New Zealand North Island - Winter Trips

Arrived in New Zealand with my bike, but hunkering down for the winter to make money.

I have 3-4 days where each week I'll be driving and touring over those days. For example up the north island or across to Coromandel.

I'll be doing these trips with my road bike, saddle bag, handlebar harness and top tube bag. I'll have a sleeping bag, tent and other typical short-distance rides.

I'm open to companions joining me on the trips I'm planning.

All you need is a small tent, hammock or bivvy bag and have at least a road bike as I will be covering 100-150km per day (or at least 100 miles).

I'm testing out a lot of new equipment as I I'm planning to cycle back to the UK by next year.


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