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Bicycle repair in Budapest

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Bicycle repair in Budapest


Does anyone know a good place for bicycle repair in Budapest (Hungary). I am on a long trip from Praha to Istanbul. Now I am in Kosice, Next stop will be Budapest.

It seems that I have a problem with the left part of the handlebar of my Koga Myata Globe Traveller from 1999. So, I think I want to replace it, and I am not sure if here in Kosice the nice bikeshop ( can do it (if they can get the spare part).

So, does anyone know a good address for bicycle repair in Budapest?

Looking forward to replies.

Juuk Slager

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I went there for fixing my bike on the advice of my WS host. they were good. they event let me help ;)

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Re: repair

Thanks for your advice. I will check it out.

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