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Touring Bicycle in Colombia for Sale $500

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Touring Bicycle in Colombia for Sale $500

I am looking to sell my Novara Safari Touring Bicycle.  I am currently in Colombia and have been touring around for awhile now and need to sell bicycle (and perhaps everything else if you are interested).It is approximately 10 years old and in top condition. It is a large size good for someone between 5 foot 8 and 6 foot 2.  (I am 6 feet).  I have toured Europe as well as Latin America with it.  I have just replaced both tires with new Kendra tires (100 km on them), and these should be good to go for at least another 5000 km plus. Includes Leather Brooks Saddle.  I also have 4 next to new Ortlieb Waterproof Panniers, handlebar bag, and lots of other extras.  There is nothing wrong with anything, I am just ready to move on and dragging the bike back home to Canada with me will be a hassle.  Everything is ready to just Jump on and go.  $500 US for the bike and make me an offer for the other things.  Message me with any questions.   Thanks   Dale

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Other things

Hello Dale

How are you?

Great trip and beautiful bike, it's a bike dream, but at the moment I do not have money to buy it.

What are other things you have for sale and what price do you have?

I remain attentive to any information.


Whaspp: +573164343732

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Requesting info

Hello Dale.

Do you still have your bike? If yes, let me know.

Custodio Garcia

+57 3176823292