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tail lights, getting cars to notice you.

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tail lights, getting cars to notice you.

Is there any such thing as a flashing amber tail light, or head light?  Something that lets sleepy drivers know there is something different in the road ahead?    I know we all have red blinky lights.  I dont find then to be the best solution.  Are ther any blinkys in amber or green or blue?  Instead of one 150 lumen red light, I would like to have four or six 30 lumen cob lights in other colors.  Best safety lights is the question, not headlights to see where you are going.


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Tail light strength

Tail light strength/brightness is normally measured in watts. I use 1 watt tailight in flashing mode. I personally also use, and would highly recommend, a simple wire-frame mirror that conveniently attaches to my sunglasses, allowing me to be proactive in case a car behind me is not behaving exactly as it should. Instead of being a victim in a situation where a car is passing me and the driver is not paying due attention, I decide to be proactive in my environment, minimizing the threat of "car accidents". 

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Ansi 2 Hi Viz shirt

Hi Chris, 

I agree that the red blinky is probably not enough by itself in many situations, especially in high traffic areas where red lights are everywhere. For the past couple of years, I have worn ANSI 2 compliant hi visability t-shirts. They are made of poly and are very inexpensive. While drivers don't generally pay attention to an additional red light, they do tend to notice a person wearing what is essentially construction worker clothing. The ANSI 2 shirts also have refective strips that make you super visible at night, especially when coupled with a light.


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I have a Lumos helmet-it has

I have a Lumos helmet-it has built in head and rear lights, as well as indicator lights and a brake light function.  I get plenty of positive comments from lorry and van drivers on its visibility from a far distance.  The shape of the lights, and the high up position (back of the head) make it stand out as something a bit different, even if its not a different colour.  

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