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Charity cycle Portsmouth (UK) to Volgograd (Russia)

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Charity cycle Portsmouth (UK) to Volgograd (Russia)

Good afternoon.

This month 2 friends and I will be setting off from our home city of Portsmouth and cycling to Volgograd in Russia in time for England's world cup opener on June 18th. I've done a couple long distance cycles in the past. The length of the UK and from Portsmouth to Oslo. Each time I stayed in hostels or airbnbs but this time We'll be camping to save money. However a tent and equipments will be additional weight obviously. 

We have very little money between us and are budgeting £10/day.

The main advice I'm seeking is what's the best thing to do for food?

I was planning on living off of peanut butter sandwiches and bananas, maybe spicing it up with nutella sandwiches at the weekend.

Is there a better alternative? 

Also what do you recommend for finding a wild camping spot? and are petrol camping stoves worth it?

Thanks, Mitch

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