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sending a bike through shipping HELP!

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sending a bike through shipping HELP!

I wanted to ask how best to send a bike to spain for a month cycling trip! I have built a bike myself, and before i did build the bike i checked i would be able to take it on the bus on Flix bus however everytime you search with a bike to travel on the bus between london and spain it states "its fully booked". I have emailed and called - them. All other coach companies do not allow non folding bikes, oui, albus, euro lines...

.I have tried buses,ferries and even flying as a last option. But they are either very expensive or will not allow bikes. I wanted to ask if anyone knew a way i could send it to Spain?

I have few questions

- any adivce on a parcel  company that does pick up points or how to send it to spain?

- how is it best to send it so it dont get bashed about? Obviously in a bike box and padded out, but anything else?

- could a hostel accept a parcel? but how safe is that?

please help i really do not want to abandon my plans. thanks all!

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fully booked means there no specific bike rack (as in germany ) so you have to disassemble your bike and put it in a bag and take it as special luggage 

Special Baggage

You must pay a fee of €9 for a piece of baggage larger than your travel baggage. This baggage item may not exceed total dimensions (height in cm + width in cm + depth in cm) of 240 cm (94.5 in) nor a weight of 30 kg (66.1 lbs). 

London spain by flixbus will  be a VERY long trip  

you can look train to paris with eurostar (bike from 30 £) and then train to the border ex paris biarritz from 59 euros with bike ticket 

you can also take flight to

* the south of france : biarritz , carcassonne , toulouse .. and cross pyrénnés by bike :) 



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Be also aware, that fFlixbus

Be also aware, that Flixbus does not accept bikes in paper boxes due to the higher fire risk (bike bags are ok). It should be possible to find in their travel conditions.

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When we went to Scotland some years back, I sent our bikes by a semi-local freight company. We packed 4 bikes on a Euro pallet and a truck came by to pick it up. Most likely it was transferred between trucks on the way, I have no idea. This they could handle easily as a pallet is a standard shipment. However, with only 1 bike it may be a tad expensive, I think we paid ~300 EUR for transport from our home address in Denmark to Scotland.

For flying, I know SAS will allow bikes as normal luggage on their major routes (as long as it is within total weight) - maybe also others?


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Shipping bikes

There are 3 possibly relevant answers here:

when we traveled Germany, Netherlands and Belgium, as long as we avoided the high speeds, we could take our bike on the train - and it is a tandem which Amtrak does NOT allow.

lufthanser and British air allow bikes as luggage - don’t know all their regs 

this has become our go to in the US: BIKEFLIGHTS.  I am not sure if they are international, but in the US, you take your bike to an approved bike shop, they box it and bikeflights picks it up and ships and delivers where you want. They are very reasonably priced as well.

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sending a bike through shipping HELP!

Last week, I took a "ouigo" bus from Paris to Rennes and I saw a bicycle ready to be loaded in the luggage compartment: it was "flattened" (handle bar, pedals flush with the frame) and only wrapped in clear tape, a lot of clear tape!! The owner was waiting to load it after all the other luggage was in.

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