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hi everyone

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hi everyone

Hi Everyone ! My name is Sabrina menber of warmshowers in Trujillo Peru ,if you need couch just call me !
My home adress is (Vistal Alegre ,Calles los pinos 186 )to reference 2 blocks away reservorio Huaman ( dos cuadras del reservorio Huaman ) but firts you need to call me or mail me just to know if I can host you or not (in case is busy at that moment ).
I have a room with 4 beds for travellers !Kitchen where u can cook if you want ,and internet wi-fi hotshower
the longest you can stay is 3 days in my home !hope to guest you and have a great time !

note if u like to play chess or climbing mountines you are welcome at my home too

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Hi Sabrina

welcome (never is late o say welcome) to warmshowers.
would you please add this information to your profile page . you can change them whenever you like.

thank you very much

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im sabrina

And my number phones are:
If u want my adress is my profile
If you want i host i have a big place so u can call me.

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thanks for reply

thank you very much for inviting
unfortunately I am not travelling now

I just wanted to say that the kind of information you post here are very useful In your profile, because most of the guests only check there for knowing about the host

anyway I hope someday I meet you personally
have a good ride

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