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***30june-20July BE-DE-AT-HU-RO trip***

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***30june-20July BE-DE-AT-HU-RO trip***

As crazy it might sound I’m looking for a partner for a long trip 2300+ km, crossing Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary and stopping in Bucharest (Romania).

Unfortunately, the start date can’t be earlier than 30 June and arrival later than 20July (professional and personal constrains). The general itinerary is done (of course it can be discussed and modified) and passes through (main cities) as Munich, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca, the mighty road Transfagarasan (RO) and stopping in Bucharest. Around 170-180km/day have to be travelled to reach the destination, with some 1 day stops in some cities (to visit).

Short Recap:
1. Start (Liege): 30june/ Finish(Bucharest) 20July
2. Distance 2300+ km
3. Cities/places DE: Munich, Stuttgart; AT: Salzburg; HU: Budapest; RO: Cluj-Napoca, Transfagarasan, Bucharest
4. Distance/day around 170-180km
5. 1day stops in different cities until Romania and 4 in my hometown in Romania :)
6. Sleeping couchsurfing + warmshower +hotel/Airbnb
7. Carrying stuff Apidurda saddle bags style

For any additional info, don’t hesitate to contact me
I know it might be a bit too short notice, but I was not sure about it earlier.


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Your route might be a bad

Your route might be a bad idea if you really have only three weeks for this tour. From the Hungarian border to Bucharest through Cluj means that you will have to cross mountains twice. I wouldn’t expect to do 170 km/day in Transylvania – I have never got even close to that distance here even though I am an experienced, fit tourer. Plus, the Transfagarasan is overcrowded these days with vehicles, you will have to share those tight hairpin bends with big tour buses. The Transalpina, which is actually Romania’s highest paved road, is much nicer for cycling.

If you really want to do this distance in that amount of time, it make much more sense to cycle the Eurovelo 6 (Danube route) until Bucharest. That terrain is very flat and in many places you can quite easily do over 150 km/day if you want.

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