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Erasure of feedback/what a loss

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Erasure of feedback/what a loss

I had no idea that the change in the website would erase over 4 years of feedback both to and from my guests! What a massive bummer. I had made the feedback page a memory book, and now those memories are erased!

I've had over 100 guests stay, and I documented with photos and stories.

If you had only let us know that you would be deleting these feedbacks I could have copied and downloaded them.

How thoughtless and stupid.


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Feedback Not Deleted


Looking at your profile, I can see your feedback.  Yes, you hve lots!  It is still in tact and present.  I am not sure how you would think it was lost.  Did you check the feedback tab on your profile?


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Feedback given does not

Feedback given does not automatically paginate (to be more specific the html links to the page numbers are not generated) after >25 posts like feedback received does. This issue was reported over two years ago [ ] and again in the forums a year ago [ ] with no response.

The feedback page since the 2015 Drupal upgrade also concatenates received and given feedback [ ] with no heading or separator, is ambiguous with regards to who has written the feedback and who was the guest/host and no longer displays the date the feedback was given unless one clicks on it [ ].

These are all just issues of formatting that should not require huge amounts of coding that would improve the feedback page significantly in terms of readability and functionality, why do they still remain unaddressed years later?

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Yes, it is rather annoying

Yes, it is rather annoying that the date is not listed on the feedback. When I am looking for a host, I want to see whether they have been active recently.  

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