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Laos and north of Thailand November 2018

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Laos and north of Thailand November 2018

Hi everyone !

Just a short message to tell you that I have booked my single flight to Bangkok and will arrive there on 2nd November 2018. I would love to discover Laos and north of Thailand by bike. I don t have any plan now so I would be happy to meet some people who want the same adventure ! 

I am doing some good tour in Switzerland, around 100km; Sometimes more sometimes mess. I don t like to rush if I am on vacation but I think I have a good endurance and I don t like to give up ;)  ... about me, I am 28 years old from Switzerland (french part) and I am an easy going person (that s what my friends say)

More pratic: I wonder if it is easier to buy à bike there ( I saw some good bike shop in Bangkok ) or bring mine from Switzerland. Any suggestion?

Do you have some suggestions about itineraries ?

Don t hesitate to contact me, even if it is only to share a beer ;)


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Hello, Joelle! My name is Luciano, in October I will arrive in Singapore and I will go through Indonesia for a month. After November 15 I will start my bike trip from Singapore to North of Thailand. I have a general idea of ​​the route to be made, but I will let each occasion or encounter guide me on the route, I also invite whoever is traveling through the area to share mail ( I do not think we agree, but we can exchange information. I lived in the north of Spain and I am better at French than English. a greeting

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Thailand / Singapore

Hi Luciano,

thank you for your message! I don't have a specific plan now and I would be happy to share a part of my bike travel with someone. Let's keep in touch by email.

I can speak also spanish a bit :-)

I write you on your email address later.

thank you,



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Les chemins se croisent

Bonjour à vous, apparemment vous parlez français les 2 alors je choisis la facilité !

je pars aussi pour un tour du sud est asiatique sur 10mois.

je vais traverser la Thaïlande en octobre pour rejoindre une amie au Cambodge en novembre. J’imagine être au Vietnam ou au Laos en décembre et je serais ravie de vous rencontrer si vous êtes dans le coin ! C’est dans longtemps et le continent est grand mais sait on jamais...ouvrons l’oeil Et les mails !

belle route à vous 


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To Joëlle, Luciano, Julie,

To Joëlle, Luciano, Julie, and others,

My friend Phillip and I are currently cycling in the area and riding the coast of Vietnam towards Saigon. We plan to cut across and arrive in Bangkok on Nov. 21, then ride North. We will probably be behind all three of you but if it works out it would be great to meet you.

Enjoy your trips!


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Hi fellows

Hi fellows

I am arriving on the 25th.12 to Chiang Mai and planning to ride to Norths Laos,after to Luang Prabang and all the way to Bangkok so maybe see you on the rode


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about Thailand Visa

Dear all

My fiancee (Iranian) and me will travel into Thailand in next march (2019). We have worries about to get the Thailand visa for a ciclotourist

There is available information in Internet that mention that Thailand migration authorities have hardened the Visa approvations since about 3 years ago. We want to know the experience about the visa trammit for one Cycloturist in the recent times and the implications. Please feel free to comment all your experiences in Thailand about the visa trammit and anything about your experience in general riding there. For us you information will be very valuable


Thanks in advance


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