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Swede cycling Amsterdam - Bilbao 25/8 - 1/10

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Swede cycling Amsterdam - Bilbao 25/8 - 1/10

I'm a 28 years old Swede who will cycle and camp Amsterdam - Bilbao via Utrecht, Ghent, Brugges, the coastal routes of France (Velodyssey och Tour de Manche) and San Sebastian 25/8 - 30/9. This adds up to around 3450km. I normally pace 120-140km / day but plan to only cover around 110-120km/day on this trip. A couple of days when passing towns I want to explore I'll drop the pace. This pace would give 2-4 days to rest and unplanned stuff.

My preferences for the trip are 70% / 30% experience and scenery vs cycling i.e I'm cycling for the experience not for the cycling in itself. I love taking short detours just for the sake of the view and taking time to explore villages but at the same time I've no problem hammering inbetween the stops and the POI just to be able to spend more time enjoying the good stuff.

It would be really fun having someone joining me for the whole or parts of the trip!
I'm easy going and have some sense of humor. I think as long as we share the same expectations for the trip we'll have a good time! I would prefer cycling with boy or girl in my age +/- 10 years.
I'm cycling a cyclocross with road tires and cleats. It would be preferable cycling with someone having a somewhat similar setup so that our pace matches (unless you're really strong cyclist).

If you're interested don't hesitate to send me a message and we'll see if our goals and expectations of such trip coincide.
Looking forward planning the trip with you!

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