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Participate in Cycling Tourism Research?

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Participate in Cycling Tourism Research?

Dear all,
My name is Anette and I live in Girona, Spain at the moment while I finish my master thesis on Cycling tourism by the university of Girona.

As a part of my datacollection I have a colaborative blog where people from all over Europe++ are being invited to write about their experience with cycling and tourism. My aim with this research is to create a typology on cycling tourism (in Europe) and to do this I need many voices.

If you have experience with a cycling trip that involves one or more over night stays, and if you want to voice your experience then you are the one I am looking for!
I would like to invite you to write a post or two (as much as you like actually) about your experience with cycling in connection to tourism. Please send an email to if you would like to participate in the research and receive an invitation to the blog.

You are completely free to tell your story however you want. Pictures are fun but not necessary if you dont want to share them. It does not have to be a pulitzer candidate, just your reflections.

If you would touch upon a few of the following point that would be very helpful for me- but not necessary if they feel not relevant for the story. (or you can just use them as inspirations)

- what inspired you to go by bike instead of other means of transportation
- what did you expect - and which of the expectations were full filled
- What did surprise you? what were the unexpected good/bad things?
- what is the most important aspect for you to travel by bike?
- Whats important you you when you travel this way?

Any questions?
Please send them to

I hope to hear from you!
Anette :)

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I am interested

I really like your proposal. Where do i sign up? What else can i do to help you?

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