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(Early August) Berlin-Prague-Vienna..and east?

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(Early August) Berlin-Prague-Vienna..and east?

Hi All!

I am starting a solo tour in early August, beginning in Berlin. I have a rough plan to go towards Prague/Vienna and then towards Romania on the euro velo 6. Hoping to also get through some additional Balkan countries in September/October. 

Would like to do things relatively cheaply, and looking to do a mix of camping and hostels.

It would great to have a bit of company for some of the trip! Feel free to message me to talk further.





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Hi Karl,

Hi Karl,

I'm thinking of doing some of that route too, probably through Czech Rep to Vienna.  What kind of cyclist are you?  What kind of pace would you be thinking of keeping?  I'm not very hard core - I could probably do about 80-100km a day. 

A bit about me as my profile on here is probably a little bit inaccurate. I'm British, and have been living in Germany (in a small town near Berlin) for almost two years.  I'm doing a PhD here.  My wife and daughter are planning to spend a week with family (in Poland), so I thought this would be a good chance to go for a little ride and feel the wind in my hair!

Take care


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