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Cycling the canal du midi France

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Cycling the canal du midi France

Hi there
Does anyone have any info about cycling the canal du midi between Cracassonne and Sete. I am doing this trip in May and would welcome any advice.

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i don't know exactly what

i don't know exactly what kind of information do you need, but that route is easy, plenty of campings and safe. maybe a little monotonous for my liking.

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Canal de Midi

Unfortunately there is no bike path alongside the canal with few exceptions (for example near Portiragnes). Officially it is not even allowed to use the path alongside the Canal at various parts. At least the road between Homps and Ventenac is nice and quiet enough. On the other hand there are lots of alternatives and nice places near the Canal, so it's worth to try. Regarding the trees - they will be chopped within the next years because of an infectious sponge or mushroom. So it may happen that parts of the track are really unusable.
Have a nice trip!

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Canal du Midi


We rode a section of the Canal du Midi south of Carcassone for quiet a way...

It's quiet, tree lined and scenic but also a little boring, unvaried and of varied quality in terms of the path surface.

There were some repair works being carried out on sections between Carcassone and Narbonne (so nr Sete, i guess) when we rode the route in late March. It was really just pruning the trees, but sections of the tow path were still shut.

Following the canal strictly would mean missing out on some lovely small towns as well as some beautiful countryside too.

best of luck!


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Path Map

Here is a describtion of the roads you can use with a bike:

and a detailed map

The "camping municipal" have fixed prices, they are the cheapest campings. The reception closes in the evening.

May is a good time to cycle there, june and july being too hot. In case of over heating, Pastis, Ricard and Casanis is the recomended remedy.

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