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Hey buddies, do anyone know where it's the best to get my last Chinese extension. What do you think, Golmud or Dunhuang? Thanks a lot see you later

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Golmud i will be there in

i will be there in june
(silk road from Xi'an to Bishkek (2013)

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Visa Extension in China

This is 2nd hand info only so can't vouch for it 100%. Golmud is reputed to be unfriendly to tourists in regards to official things so would suggest you do an internet search on the specific towns/cities and the visa extension experiences. Don't trust anything more than 6 months old!

The following is our personal experiences for anyone considering visa extensions in other places.

Our experience in Dali was easy (only required the form, photo and hotel registration) and they gave us a full 30 days from the date of expiry of our existing visa. We applied 5 days before our visa was due to expire and we told to come back the day before expiry to apply and pick up the following day. (Dec 2012)

In Xining we need to provide financial evidence, as well as the hotel registration, form, photo etc. They'd only give us 25 days because we arrived 5 days before the visa was due to expire and they wanted us to apply 7 days beforehand. They also started the extension from the day of application not the day of our visa expiry. (Feb 2013)

In Turpan they initially told us they could give us 15 days extension and it would take a week. After explaining we were cycling etc they came down to 3 days processing time but wouldn't budge on the 15 days visa validity. They advised us that we could get 30 days at Korla. (Mar 2013)

At Korla, they could process the application the same day but would only give 10 days. Told us to go to Aksu. We came back the next day and refused to budge for 4 hours until eventually the head honcho was called. Turned out to be a very pleasant man (unlike the female official we'd been dealing with) but he also reiterated only 10 days. After another hour or so of gentle pleading he agreed to 30 days (from the date of application) but it was seriously hard work to get it. (Apr 2013)

Generally anywhere in Xinjiang will be problematic in regards to getting the full 30 days although they don't seem to consider extending the visa more than twice an issue.

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Hey, nice to hear from you

Stani and Richard, good to hear from you again. It looks not so easy to extend the visa in China.. Hope you have nice trip, take care.


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