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Blues Bike Co. Shop - Joplin, MO USA

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Blues Bike Co. Shop - Joplin, MO USA

Back in May, 2018, I was pedaling north to south and stopped in Joplin, Mo. to find a bike shop that could fix a few things on the rig.  Joplin is at the crossroads of a couple Adventure Cycling routes so having touring bicyclists stop every so often, they knew the ins and outs of being on the road.  The first thing the mechanic asked was, "Have you heard about Warmshowers?"  They knew the local hosts and wanted to be sure I would be as comfortable as possible. Most of the mechanics got in on the discussion and it became obvious they envied us guys and gals on the road.   And another thing.  They replaced a rear brake cable and spent considerable time with the shifting assembly to smooth things out.  When it came time to pay, I was charged $6.  "We don't charge labor to bicycle tourists.  Have a safe trip."  ...These guys are top flight.  Can't thank Blues Bike Shop enough. 


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I have had the same experience while on tour

While on tour; most shops are very helpful and accomidating to touring cyclist. Most will bend over backwards to help with a repair or local info. Thanks to all shops and the cycling community in general. Tailwinds always.    Chris  -  "CEO"