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Leisurely cycling in India. Looking for companion(s). I have a six month tourist visa starting on the 6 of October 2018. Join me for all or part. Probably take some trains. It’s about experiencing the culture from the saddle more than covering lots of Ks. I’m riding a steel, go anywhere machine. It’s not going to break speed records but it’s not going to break. 2” tyres takes this baby anywhere and everywhere. Oh, but I’m  not all that into busy, paved roads. That’s why it’s liesurely. 

Drop a line if you are interested.

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Hi Robin, I will be cycling

Hi Robin, I will be cycling from Mumbai (Bombay) towards south cycling mostly the Western Ghats mountain chain. Physical condition isn't much of a worry there and there are tons of twisty, scenic backroads out there. If you want to join me, you are more than welcome.