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2 bicycles for sale in Montevideo

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2 bicycles for sale in Montevideo


I have 2 bicycles for sale in Montevideo:

1. TREK 950 - old, steel frame [~22 inches]. Shimano components, front and rear racks. Quite old bike, but works good. Price: ~1500 UYU [U$45]

2. TREK FX 1, frame 17,5 inch. I bought it in Lima, 4 months ago. I have all documents, including warranty for next 20 months. Bike has rear racks. Price 5000 UYU [U$150]. 

I go back home soon and I have to sell them. We can negotiate the price a bit ;) 

I would be very grateful for recommending me a place in Montevideo where I can try to sell them. 

WhatsApp: +48 535 646 383


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