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San Diego - can you help 2 Brits

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San Diego - can you help 2 Brits

Hi there-

I know this is an unusual request.  We are two male Brits cycling from Alaska to Argentina. I have been an active member of WS and hosted other cyclists at home.  We'll be arriving in San Diego in about 5-6 days and will need accommodations.  We would like to find a place for three days before my wife arrives to join us for the rest of the journey (October 22).  At that time we would need the same place or a different accommodation for the three of us for a minimum of 5 days.  I understand this isn't normal, but if you can help us out even with the first portion (2 people for three days), it would help us out greatly.  Please view my profile and feel free to contact me with questions, suggestions or help on this.

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