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Trek 520 Touring bike for sale, Liguria italy

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Trek 520 Touring bike for sale, Liguria italy

Im selling my beloved trek 520 touring bike. It's a great bike and has done me very well on many tours, unfortunately I can't afford to fly back to New Zealand with it.

I will be finishing up a tour in the next few days and will be in Liguria for a week, and hope to sell it while there!

frame is a large.

bike is about 10years old, but before this tour I replace pretty much everything on the bike.

(breaks, cables, cassette, chain, drive chain, front wheel, both tires, handle bars, hoods and levers, kept the original bar end shifters and added a handle bar stem extension) 

Bike is in great condition, rides like a dream. Make me an offer!

my email is


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