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Introducing Myself - Cycling Europe

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Introducing Myself - Cycling Europe

Hello everyone!

Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, I couldn't find the appropriate section. Also sorry for not having an imagine on my profile, for some reason it's not uploading.

I'm Arthur, from Brazil. At this moment I'm in Olomouc (Czech Republic) but I started in Kraków (Poland). My plans are to go south now on the EuroVelo 9 and decide which way to go when I reach Italy. My concerns are money and snow; my main source of income is not doing so well, that's why I'm avoiding big cities.

From Czech Republic I'll cross Austria, then Slovenia, so if you guys have tips on wild camping/ressuply along the way, or even if you have a couch to offer it would be much appreciated.

Since my profile image is not uploading I'll leave my blog here so you can see who I am and what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance,


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Ola Arthur, 

Ola Arthur, 

I meant to offer this suggestion earlier, sorry if this is too late..:

To make it easier fo yourself, get to Germany as soon as you can; you can get a very cheap day pass for regional trains and can cross the country - you can even share ticket with others to make it ultra cheap. You'll save money and time you'd otherwise have to on food if riding.

I'll give details to make it easy if you ask.

If you aim for Frankfurt..Karlsruhe, it's easy to ride to Strasbourg France, then after Dijon you can go straight down the Rhone, all flat, In the south at least one region can be crossed by bus with bike for 1 Euro!

Then you can easily reach spain.




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Hello hello, so I made my way

Hello hello, so I made my way down to south of Austria, some snowy nights but no problem. Now I'll go through Slovenia and who knows where else.

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