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When to write a review

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When to write a review

Obviously we should all review people we hosted or visited, but in what other situations should we write reviews?

For example:
- one host I planned to stay with (and continue to correspond with) but had to change my route,
- people I asked for route opinions or other advice,
- members who couldn't host me but gave me lots of info,
- members who couldn't host me but found a friend with an open couch,
- a member I met for lunch,
and other situations where no guest/host situation actually existed.

Do I have to meet someone in person for a review to be considered credible?

Are there guidelines for this? Your thoughts?

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I leave reviews in all these

I leave feedback in all these cases.

I don't mind people leaving a "neutral" when somebody is unresponsive either, even though the "mark unresponsive" is the direct way to handle this.