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greece for long distance cycling

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greece for long distance cycling

if you travel through greece pls consider to contribute to



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Hey we are currently in

Hey we are currently in Albania, where this map also seems like it didnt get any input yet. We will also go throughGreece later and i would be happz to contribute. But i dont reallz understand the map. In Albania so far i haven|t been on official cacling routes, dont know if they exist. But i could rate the roads where we cycle in terms of condition and traffic aswell as space to this traffic, but i dont see how this information is transmitted through this map. I also had in other countries often bad experiences with the official cycling tracks. often they were for long parts going along very busy roads with dangerous few space. so the official information about bike routes didnt help that much. Is this kind of cycability-informattion possible to find in this map?

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Hi Ruben and company,

Hi Ruben and company, excellent question. I never toured so i dont know about maps. I used my bicycle daily in germany and once went with it to another village, thats all the touring ive done im afraid. I didnt need a map cause the road went by the train for many km.... I used google maps merely. But in countries where cycling is not part of the accepted culure, roads are bound to be bad, and non-bicycle friendly and drivers of cars non-bicycle respecting. 

About Greece, im so sorry my otherwise beautiful homeland, is such a bad place for cycling. It shouldnt be that way. I cannot travel due to being very unfit right now, but those who travel through greece can contribute to improve knowledge and info about greece and yes why not about all of balcans albania, macedonia and bulgaria..... 


You can contribute by sharing photos  in  projects like  ''open bike map'' or  , and google earth/google maps!!!  Or all of them plus more:))) I did find some blogs talking about long istance touring in greece so there is some knowledge there but not on the maps. 

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