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Train + Bicycle in Europe (From Italy to the UK)

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Train + Bicycle in Europe (From Italy to the UK)

Hi everyone,

The situation is this, my Visa expires at the end of January and I'm currently in Koper (Slovenia). The next days I'll cycle through the EuroVelo 8 all the way to either Turin or Milano, where I'll absolutely have to make a decision due to visa time.

My plan is to go to the UK, but I already saw that high-speed trains require a bike bag, that I don't own. So, with that in mind, I'm trying to figure out a way of go by normal trains. What would be a better route to go with an assembled 29er mtb?

I think that countries such as Switzerland are more bike friendly on trains, or is it just a problem for long distance ones?

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you can also consider

low cost airlines as ryanair ou easy jet 

you have to put your bike in a box ( sell at the aiport or you can find one in bike shop ) 

you have to pay for your bike and your lugages for for ex milan london is 13 euros one way ( without lugages and bike ) 

it will be a cheaper option than train 


in germany you have also flixbus witch accept bike withoust desasembling ( but reservation is mandatory)



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trains in germany

Flixbus is a good rcommendation for travelling with bikes, but you have to check the individual line. Not all buses are carrying bikes and especially in the winter months it can be a problem to find one at all. Most of the trains in Germany transport unassembled bikes, except the ICEs, where there is only the new line from Munich to Berlin carrying bikes as well. But you can use all ICs and ECs. They are not as fast as the ICEs, but fast enough and they are running throughout Germany and some also over the frontiers. You have to buy a ticket for the bike which gives you also a reservation for a distinct train. Look at

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I'm avoiding options where I

I'm avoiding options where I need to disassemble the bike mainly because it's a big problem figuring out a box, then giving a destination to the box, I'm in a bit of a rush time \o\

As far as I get it the best bet would be combining regional trains and cycling, because the high-speed ones are way to expensive if I don't book in advance. So I can either go through France, or up to Switzerland, then get to the canal and cross on a ferry to the UK.

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No need to disassemble your bike

Oh, sorry, I think my post was wrong! Because english is not my mothertongue, I used "unassembled" when i meant "not disassembled". In simpler words: You can carry your bike "as is"in IC- (Intercity) and EC- (Eurocity) trains in Germany as well as in Flixbuses! Also in every smaller train like the RE /regional express).

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that s the link regardingSNCF mean france train, with slow regional you can do it  always  and TGV  fast train , i do it in 2016 paris avignon. All this option is with the full bicycle don t need dismantle.


 Most of regionals trains gives the opportunity to bring bicycle with you for 3.5 ticket for 24 hours . or if  dismanlte the bicycle also on faster train line  . From est to west Italy has better connection and that seem your direction        If you put bicycle partly dismantle and packing in some easy packging  could travel easyly on faster train yes .

best things 

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bike in trains


on the german web site of deutch bahn you can search for train in europe with bikes

clik on grey arrow (up left ) 

then further options and Carriage of bicycle

you will have a global idea 

good luck :) 

taking bike in trains is sometimes more difficult than pedaling 


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Awesome replies guys! Let me

Awesome replies guys! Let me tell you what have happened so far.

I planned to cycle along the Pó river (EuroVelo 8), so I did 100 something kilometers from Padova to the river, but the weather was completely foggy, to a point where I don't even know the color of the river, I could see nothing around me. I camped by the road one night, woke up to an even worst weather, wet tent, could barely cook etc, the best bet was to go back to Ferrara (30km) where I took a regional train to Bologna and another regional to Milan, both with a full bike no problem.

Now I'll access the situation from here (Milan) to see how to cycle to Torino and then into France, from where I can take regional trains up to Paris. I still have a few days of Visa here, so it won't be a problem I guess.

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Just to upload you guys for

Just to upload you guys for future reference.

I managed to cycle parts of EuroVelo 8 (Pó river) in Italy and also parts of the Ticino river cycle path, all this in combination with train rides due to terrible weather on some days. Then I came from Turin (Italy) to Lyon (France) by train, because it wouldn't be possible to go over the Alps cycling. The thing with trains is this:

Italy: Regional trains in Italy all carried the bicycle on a bike coach, you just drive it in and all set, all you need is to buy a bike ticket that costs 3,5 Euros and can be used for 24 hours.

Italy - Paris (border): I took a Regional train in Turin, no problem with bicycle.

France (border to Lyon): Another regional train, now the French TER, the TER trains have space for bicycles and its free, no ticket needed, you just drive in and all set.

Now I'll combine cycling and trains from Lyon to Paris, than a Ferry in Calais to the UK.

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