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A little help around Basel, Switzerland?

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A little help around Basel, Switzerland?

Hej :)
I have been travelling by bike for most of this year. In Macedonia I found a dog in need ot help and arranged a home for her in Switzerland (Thun). I am going to try and sell my Genesis Tour de Fer 20 in Greece as I wanted to build a new bike with fatter tyres, and I will build my new bike in Switzerland and start this year's journey from there in March. 
I need a place to build a bike, people on facebook suggested a VeloPlus in Basel as apparently I can use tools for free and get things built and tuned, but I need a place in the city to receive the frameset and components. It would be two orders (Surly Ogre frame from one place and all the other parts from, I know I have to pay 7.7% VAT and that's all fine, but I'm not sure what to do about an address for the things. 
Does anybody live near Basel and can help me out with an address so can have everything here when I fly with the doggy? Even better if you have your own place and tools and want to help a relative noob build up the new machine, but just an address will do if it will be easy for me to get to the VeloPlus to do the build before the next adventure. 

Let me know. You can search this name on Couchsurfing for more reference and I'm on facebook too to see I'm a real person. it would be a HUGE help!

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