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Morocco / Maroc May 2019 onwards (Mauritania, Senegal, West Africa)

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Morocco / Maroc May 2019 onwards (Mauritania, Senegal, West Africa)

Hello / Bonjour!

I’m looking for a cycle buddy to ride around Morocco in May 2019.

I’m Margot, 28, from Australia, bilingual in French and English (French is useful for Morocco and West Africa!). Currently studying Arabic in Rabat.

I have loose plans to then continue to Mauritania, Senegal and the rest of West Africa (TBC with the wet season etc). I quit my job so have no time deadline. But first, Morocco!

I just spent 5 months cycling in Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with a friend, then solo. For a look at how I like to travel, check my blog:

I rode around southern Morocco and the Atlas Mountains three years ago with a mate (Zagora, Mhamid, Foum Zgid, Tata, Igherm, Tafraoute and Tiznit)! Keen for mountains and remote roads. Flexible with route planning.

I have a surly long haul trucker. I know how to push a bicycle through rocks and sand.


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