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An idea for the warmshowers App

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An idea for the warmshowers App

Hi all,

I'm Guido from Italy, and I would like to share an idea that I've had with a friend
some days ago.
I'm developing currently a web-app with a team of coworkers focused on mapping sustainable organizations in the urban centers allowing the users to search for events and activities and give both organizations and users the possibility to create events.
So, just to put it briefly, since I'm working currently on API, open source software and javascript, I had an idea to implement to the warmshowers App. The central point is to give the possibility to show on the map not only the hosts but also the warmshowers users that are travelling by geolocalization and want to share their position. The point is to give memebrs that are in the nearby and that are travelling the possibility to contact other travellers and maybe share a part of the trip, ask informations or maybe also share a free-camping for the night or simply chat with somebody for asking something or just saying hello!
The idea come to my mind just working on this subjects with Openstreetmap and with a App that I'm creating with my team, and so I've decided to create a topic here (I hope is the correct section!) to discuss a little about with other members if the idea is worthy and useful.
I don't know if somebody raised already this topic, I've searched a little bit but I've found hothing about, so in case sorry if it has been already a topic of discussion. If it is something new so I hope to prompt a little bit of brainstorming about this idea.

So what do you think about? =)



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I think this would be a nice

I think this would be a nice possibility.

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I think is quite possible

I think is quite possible make it, cause the most apps you got in the mobile, track your position everywhere just to know where you shop, or favourite places you visit.

Dont forget you got a place in Madrid for hosting people in, just mail me.

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The idea is to give a

The idea is to give a possibility to the warmshowers users to localize and to be localized (if the want) by other traveller in the neighbourhood.

Just think about if one can arrange a camping together or meet another traveller in a city or exchange infos? So the idea is also to enable users also chat with other users, something like telegram (indeed is easy to plugin telegram chat programming with the free API of telegram, but also without having that or at least withot downloading it, i think).

Do you think it would be useful?

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This has been discussed

This has been discussed before (along with being able to upload gpx files and group them into past or planned trips) so that members could find each other on the road, hosts could find travellers passing through, members could find the routes of other members who have travelled in regions they are planning on visiting or so that members can find others planning to visit the same regions in advance.

I like the idea but as always, its a question of who will bring the expertise to make it a reality. There are numerous problems just with the basic functioning of the site as it is that haven't progressed any closer to being resolved in years and taking into account that the site code is now closed source and upgrades and debugging are being outsourced to contractors, I wouldn't hold my breath.

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Sounds like a great idea. It

Sounds like a great idea. It's been a long time ago when I have stumbled upon one website. Where on a map U was able to track actual location of cyclist. Of course that website had many more tools etc. It wasn't very known or popular site. Since I didn't bookmarked it, I lost it.

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