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South of Italy and Sicily in May 2019.

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South of Italy and Sicily in May 2019.

Hello everyone,

I'm Marko from Belgrade, Serbia. I'm planing to tour the south of Italy May-June 2019. My plan is to start from Bari and head south to Lecce and then west to Taranto, Matera and Napoli. After Napoli to Pompei, Amalfi coast and all the away down to Sicily and then up and down the island to see as much as possible of it. I would finish my trip in Malta where I plan to stay during the summer.

I'm an easy going, open minded person, interested in visiting historic sites, good food, wine, interesting people and hitting as many beaches as possible along the way :). Experienced cyclist, camper and nature lover. Depending on the terrain and weather I usually do around 80+ km per day but don't mind going slower. I usually plan my trips around the places I wish to visit, not the mileage.

If someone's in the area during the said period I'd be happy to meet you :)

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