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Calling all hosts in Dublin, Ireland

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Calling all hosts in Dublin, Ireland

Hi all.

My name is Michelle. I'm from Navan, Co. Meath, Ireland and am a long time tourer and WS fan.

Velo City - the world's largest annual cycling conference - is coming to Dublin from June 25-28 2019. I am an active member of Dublin Cycling Campaign and I have offered to try and increase the WS network of hosts in Dublin so that some delegates (mainly the ones coming from NGOs or advocacy groups) can have an option of staying with a local cycling-friendly family during the conference. 

For more info on Velo City look here:

It is a professional conference. Tickets for the 4 day event cost 850€. But some NGOs will send delegates (I received an email from India this morning for example).

Currently there are 25 hosts in Dublin, only 4 of which are active. If anyone out there reading this thread is based in Dublin then please get in touch (086 850 3862, or better still sign up to Warm Showers.

Yours in cycling, Michelle

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