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From London to Italy and who knows in between

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From London to Italy and who knows in between

The planning is a real pain. BUT! The bike has been shipped out to Moore's Cycle in Teddington.

Ready or not I leave LAX on the 25th and fly into Heathrow the 26th.

I have contacted a few people in Teddington but nothing firm yet. I figure about 4 nights in Teddington, to get my bike and self ready. No I don't expect to stay at one persons place that long that would be way too much trouble for a host.

I think I will head down to Brighton and up to Dover, take a ferry to cross into Calais.  I figure I am so close to Belgium that I'll head there first. The head back down the coast of France.

The great thing is I don't have to rush and have an open game plan. I HAVE to meet the wife in Barcelona June 6th. That is a must :)

I have done 1 trip 1/2 way across the USA and slept in a variety of places. My favorite sleeping spot was after a long, long day in the desert sun and I was on top of a fire truck in Aguile, Az

Any suggestions or ideas or if you want to ride give me shout.

gorob23@g**** .com



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Great help so far from some

Great help so far from some members based in U.K. I have a place to stay the first couple of nights and I receieved info about the sustrans map bike route great info.

In this times that we live in this restores my faith in humaminty.


thank you


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Getting across

I have had a good 4 days from Teddington down to Hythe. I had GREAT stays with Warmshowers host Rachel in Heartfield and Rob in Eastbourne.
Not much
UCI the past few days finding available host, it was Sunday and mother’s day! (Happy Mothers Day to the moms ,
My plans got changed last minute and I am not going to Cambridge but will try and cross to France today.
Problem #1 how to cross ( la shuttle wants 48 hours notice) so I guess I’ll ride to Dover and see if I can get the ferry.
#2 finding a place to stay.
All thoughts are welcome

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London to ?

Did this two years ago and we took the ferry to St Malo and as our first port of call into France wasn't a disappointment , had my first crape there and never had a better one the next six months I was there . We stayed in a couple of big cities for a week at a time notably Paris and stumbled on a hotel chain that do long term rental fully furnished rooms with kitchen and look up garages called " Citadel " , we stayed in the Bastille quarter for around €80.00 a day two bedrooms and the place was sweet as .

we cheated and used trains a lot " hills kids " don't mix and I was impressed with how easy it was to travel with a bike ( bullitt cargo bike ) , anyway it was great and we finished in Venice before flying home .

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